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Curtis Phishon - Missing 7/5/00
Charlie Allen - Missing 10/12/07 MA
Jennifer Fay - Missing 11/14/89 - MA
Grace Canto Reapp & Gracie Noel Reapp
Rachael Cook - Missing 1/10/02
Carrie Culberson - Missing- 8/28/96
Heather Teague - Missing - 8/26/95
Debbie Melo - Missing - 6/20/00 - MA
Amy Sher - Missing - 10/18/02 - MA
Deborah Quimby - Missing - 5/3/77 - MA
Joan Risch - Missing 10/24/61 - MA
Who Killed Theresa
Holly Piirainen 8/5/93 - MA
Andy Puglisi 8/76 - MA
Michaela Joy Garecht - Missing 11/19/88
Kellisue M. Ackernecht
State of NH - Missing
State of NH - Cold Case Unit
State of VT - Missing
State of Maine - Missing

Unsolved Cases
Dow Murders 12/10/82
Laura Kempton September 1981
Chris Jenkins - Unsolved - October 2002
Tammy Little October 1982
Mike Hogan - Unsolved - 5/16/05
Kathy Gloddy
Audrey Groat
Patty Gonyea
State of NH Missing and Unsolved

State of VT - Unsolved Homicides
State of Maine - Unsolved Homicides
Missing Persons & Unsolved Cases VT/NH

Our thanks to the following groups and individuals
and so many
others who have helped our family:
John Philpin
Dr. Maurice Godwin
Hank Albarelli
Licensed Private Detectives Association of MA
New Hampshire League of Investigators
Connecticut Canine Search And Rescue
The Charley Project
Child Protection Education of America
Search & Rescue Association

Without a Trace - People go Missing, Killers go Free
To Old To Be Missing

Let Congress know that missing adults matter!

Some of our Myspace Friends
Kathy Gloddy
Brianna Maitland
Tina & Bethany Sinclair
Jennifer Fay
Andy Puglisi
Molly Bish
Audrey Groat
Project Jason
Melanie Melanson
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